uPVC replacement windows are the most common option when replacing old windows because they cost less than both timber and aluminium, are easier to install, available in a wide range of colours and require little maintenance. Made from long lengths of uPVC Profiles, cut up, and heat welded together to make the uPVC Frames. These in turn are fabricated into windows with a variety of high-security stainless steel mechanisms and high security locking systems.

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Our quality UPVC windows are suitable for any property. Matching products include windows, patio, bi-fold, French, residential and composite doors, as well as conservatory roofs, giving installations a seamlessly stunning finish. Furthermore, all Liniar profiles are guaranteed for 10 years against discolouration, splitting, warping or cracking – so they stay looking beautiful for longer.

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The most commonly installed window where the handles ate located on the inside and the sashes open outwards. Opening designs include side opening and bottom opening casements. Locking systems vary for these windows we normally use an espagnole however should more security be required we can use a shoot bolt locking system.


A traditional feature on Victorian houses or a creative feature to distinguish your property, bay windows are a great way to make the most of your room. Available in a variety of styles and shapes, they are a created from a number of uPVC windows held together with strengthening aluminium bay poles, designed to work with the profile.


If you’re looking for a modern alternative to traditional timber box sash windows, we can provide a wide range of options to suit your needs. As with traditional box sash windows these modern alternatives offer two sliding vertical sashes, a reliable locking system and highly insulating double glazed units. Available in a wide range of colours and glazing designs.


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