A Conservatory can make the perfect addition to any home, helping to improve your living space and add value to your home. Conservatories are a perfect extension to your home, whether it is used to relax in after a long day, entertain guests, a hobby room or a home office. Conservatories installed by our installation specialists at Jason Watkins Windows come with a 10-year guarantee. Our Conservatories come in various styles, shapes and sizes to suit your home. If you would like more information about our Conservatory options, speak to one of the team at Jason Watkins Windows, give us a call or contact us through our website to arrange an appiontment.

Leka Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Jason Watkins Windows are installers of Leka Roofing Systems. Providing the ‘Genuinely’ lightweight, tiled, solid conservatory roof system, through innovation, design and engineering. Coming with over 45 years combined experience in providing tens of thousands of the very highest quality home improvement solutions across the UK, Leka Systems has a vast in house team of Mechanical Design Engineers, Industry Specific Manufacturing Directors and Senior Conservatory Installation Managers that all help to deliver the highly advanced and JHAI APPROVED ‘Leka System’, a solid conservatory roof that delivers.

Warm in Winter – Cool in the Summer, Enjoy your Conservatory all year round!

Industry Leading Tiled Roof Systems

Conservatory roof insulation can only be one thing. The Leka System has been engineered through innovative methods, highly technical design protocols and practical experience to create probably the best conservatory roof system in the World currently. Old and new conservatories can benefit from conservatory roof insulation improvements and so the Leka system answers the needs that provide better conservatory roof insulation.

Orangery Roofs by Leka Systems

Our orangery roof conversion kit replaces your existing fibreglass, traditional build, glass or polycarbonate roofing system with a lightweight, tiled, Orangery roof replacement system. The ‘Leka System’ is approved by JHAI, the licenced building inspector and is proven to outperform and outlast most systems. It is a truly lightweight, tiled. Orangery roofing system finished with replica concrete (Metrotile) or slate (TapcoSlate) tiles. These engineered tiles weigh up to seven times less than the real thing and are a perfect imitation.




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